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TiVo updates iPad app with feeds on 'What to Watch Now'

With six content feeds categorized by genre, TiVo's updated app gives users tailored recommendations based on their preferences and geographic location.

TiVo updates its iPad app with content feeds categorized by genre. TiVo

TiVo's iPad app is already known for being quite in-depth with a remote control, ways to schedule recordings, and program guides, but the company announced Wednesday that it's rolling out yet another significant feature -- content "feeds."

Starting Thursday, with an app update, users will see a revamp of the TiVo app dubbed "What to Watch Now." This feature has six content feeds that are categorized by genre; the feeds are filled with tailored recommendations based on users' preferences and geographic location.

The feeds come in several categories, including popular on TV, sports on now, movies on TV, kids, my shows, and favorite channels.

"The iPad -- with the TiVo, TiVo Mini and TiVo Stream -- is part of TiVo's whole-home, multiscreen solution that empowers users to watch the entertainment they enjoy most when and where they want to watch it," a TiVo spokesperson said in an e-mail.

TiVo debuted its iPad app in 2010 with the goal of putting the entire TiVo Premiere interface on the tablet's screen -- complete with program guide browsing, scheduling, and TV show and movie searching. And, last August, the company launched TiVo Stream, which let users stream and download programs wirelessly from their TiVo DVR to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.