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TiVo summer update adds helpful search, management tweaks

TiVo pushes out a service update adding a handful of new features.

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TiVo had a very busy July. First, it teamed up with Comcast to make section editor Matt Elliott miss the Wimbledon final. Next, it announced the rollout of streaming YouTube videos through the boxes. Then, its partnership with evolved to include the eventual ability to buy products from advertisers using your remote.

The fun apparently didn't end with July though, as Friday morning at 2 a.m. EDT TiVo pushed out a sizable service update with six new features.

  • Play or delete an entire folder
  • This'll let you, um, play or delete an entire folder. Particularly good if you've, say, recorded a marathon of your favorite show and want to watch all the episodes back-to-back without the hassle of actually selecting them as you watch.
  • Browse the guide at any time
  • Pressing the program guide no longer takes you out of whatever it is you're watching: live TV, recorded program, or video download.
  • Jump forward in the guide
  • Never understood why this wasn't a feature from day one, but you can now jump forward and back 24 hours to find something in the guide.
  • Find a station in the guide
  • Can't remember where CNN falls in your guide? Now just type in "CNN" and you can pull it up fast with only the call sign.
  • Toggle closed captioning on and off
  • Self-explanatory.
  • Review Thumb ratings
  • Lets you pull up a list of all the programs you've rated.