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TiVo says Taco Bell won the Super Bowl

TiVo's tracking of its users' behavior tells it that the senior citizens having a very junior time of it was the most engaging Super Bowl ad. Second was that Doritos goat.

Nosotros somos jovenes. Indeed. TacoBell/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The morning after the Super Bowl, there is a constant discussion about the dropped passes, the unnecessary roughness and the terrible calls.

Yes, of course I'm talking about the commercials.

Many media companies weigh in and declare that they know which of them moved the populace to wild emotions and untold paroxysms of brand loyalty.

TiVo, meanwhile, constantly checked the pulses and sweat glands of its subscribers and came out with a simple declaration: the most engaging ad of the Super Bowl was the one for Taco Bell.

Yes, the one where the older people behaved like younger people and looked no more sensible doing it.

I'll admit to having been engaged by the music -- a Hispanic(ish) version of "We Are Young" that sounded as though it had been performed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his best Spanish.

Second was "Goat For Sale" from Doritos. In this opus, a goat ate a lot of Doritos and got very angry.

I wasn't aware Doritos had quite that effect.

Other brands that featured in the top 10 of this fascinating list were Hyundai, GoDaddy, M&Ms, Skechers, Pepsi Next, Audi and Volkswagen.

Which seems to suggest that the most engaging tech brand at the Super Bowl was GoDaddy.

It also seems to suggest that the interesting and conceptual BlackBerry ad didn't touch people as much as it makers might have hoped.