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TiVo Premiere gets a very powerful iPad app

The DVR manufacturer's iPad app is more than just a touch-screen version of its remote control.


If you have a TiVo Premiere or you're an iPad owner thinking about getting a TiVo, the TiVo Premiere App for iPad might be enough to get you to buy the one you don't have.

The app, which will be available for free "in the coming weeks," essentially puts the entire TiVo Premiere interface on the iPad's screen. That means you can do everything--browse the program guide, schedule and manage recordings, and search for content across broadcast and broadband services--all without interrupting what's on screen.

Also, as you can see in the screenshot above, you can explore programming based on cast and crew and dig into themed collections of TV and movies simply by tapping and sliding around the interface. We had a chance to preview the app and it is impressive, mostly because it's snappier than the Premiere's interface. While the Premiere responds better than TiVo's old interface, the iPad app basically eliminates any lag and, again, doesn't get in the way of what you're viewing.

There is a full remote control with "buttons" for everything you need, but TiVo also took advantage of the multitouch interface by adding in a set of gesture-based controls for navigating your recordings. I thought there might be a delay since everything's being relayed over Wi-Fi, but the response was just as good with the iPad as it was with the physical remote, if not better.

Lastly, an app like this wouldn't be complete without a "Share" feature for posting comments to Facebook and Twitter about the show you're currently watching.

I've never wanted/needed an iPad before, but as a TiVo user this app makes a strong case for plunking down the cash for one and having it be a replacement for an aging laptop that I use solely for Web and e-mail access while watching TV. How 'bout you? Was there an app or apps that justified your purchase of an iPad?

By the way, from today, November 22, to December 10, you can enter to win one of nine prize packages including a TiVo Premiere and iPad. Details are on TiVo's Facebook page under the Offer tab.