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TiVo offers critics' picks

TiVo Guru Guide links critics' choices to subscriber searches for sports, movies and other programming.

TiVo has announced that subscribers will now receive viewing suggestions based on the recommendations of critics from publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Star, Sports Illustrated, Automobile, Billboard and CNET Networks, among other media sources. The service, called TiVo Guru Guide, will offer recommendations focused on sports, movies, comedies and dramas, and will be updated at least once a month.

Subscribers will be able to choose to record one or more selections for an entire Guru Guide, which will feature five to 10 programs per week. The guide is the latest effort from TiVo to distinguish itself from competing DVR manufacturers and services offerd by cable providers. In early May, TiVo released an on-demand commercial content feature. TiVo Guru Guide will be available in the coming weeks, according to a statement released by TiVo.