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TiVo offers a temporary price break on its service fees

The DVR maker unveils a limited-time drop in the fees needed for its hardware.

New TiVo customers will be getting discounted service fees TiVo

Just in time for the holidays, TiVo's making some temporary changes to its service fee structure. For new TiVo buyers from now through February 2, 2008, service choices are as follows:

  • 1 year monthly service: now $12.95/month (originally $16.95)
  • 1 year prepay service: $129 (originally $179)
  • 2 year prepay service: $249 (originally $279)
  • 3 year prepay service: $299 (unchanged)

To reiterate: those pricing discounts apply only to new TiVo customers (including those who've purchased in the past 30 days); existing customers won't see any changes to their bill. However, TiVo does have an offer for current customers: the return of the lifetime service fee. Existing customers (who already own at least one TiVo DVR) who buy an additional TiVo on the same account can opt for a one-shot product lifetime service fee for that new DVR for $399. That's $100 more than the equivalent plan that was offered by the company until last year.

Additionally, TiVo is making what it calls a "permanent change" to its multiservice discount (the service price paid for up to five additional TiVos on the same account). Subscribers can choose between a $9.95 monthly charge or a $99 yearly prepay (per DVR).