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TiVo makes TV more searchable

Universal Swivel Search lets broadband-connected Series2 and Series3 boxes search by program rather than keyword.

TiVo introduced a new search function Tuesday, which is designed to let its subscribers perform a continuous search through a unique thread to find programming or downloadable content.

TiVo Series3

Instead of punching in a keyword to find a movie or TV episode to watch, Universal Swivel Search allows searching to begin from a particular program. If someone is watching an episode of Lost, clicking on "More Options" in the menu brings up a program synopsis and the cast. Clicking on cast names brings up the other programs each actor is in, showtimes and if any is available for download through Amazon Unbox or TiVoCast. The feature also allows searches based on tags applied to individual programs.

DirecTV DVRs with TiVo and TiVo Series1 boxes are not eligible for this service. The feature will be rolled out to Series2 and Series3 customers beginning Tuesday, but for those who can't wait, TiVo says you can go to this page to sign up for an ASAP update.