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TiVo intros Web-based Season Pass management

TiVo's Season Pass has helped sell consumers on the DVR, and now those folks can manage those season passes online with the help of TiVo's new tool.

TiVo's new Season Pass Manager
TiVo's new Season Pass Manager TiVo

Those hoping for an easy, browser-based system to manage TiVo recordings are in luck: a new tool is coming to the DVR maker's Web site.

Dubbed the Season Pass Manager, the new service will let people modify Season Pass recordings from the Web. Season Pass is TiVo's service for recording all new episodes of a TV series. The new tool will let people prioritize their Season Pass recordings, as well as transfer specific recordings from one TiVo box to another on their account. In addition, TiVo owners can delete series from their Season Pass list.

Season Pass Manager isn't necessarily a major step forward for TiVo's Web integration. But as anyone who has spent time managing series recordings on a TiVo knows, it can be an arduous task. Having the ability to now do that online in a browser should make it much easier.

TiVo's Season Pass Manager works with the company's Premiere, Series3, HD, and Series 2 DVRs, the company said.

As of this writing, TiVo's Season Pass Manager is not available online. But a message in its place says to "check in later today for access to this new feature."