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TiVo, 'Entertainment Weekly' team up for favorite programs

TiVo to automatically download TV programs on Entertainment Weekly's "What to Watch" listing, under a partnership with the entertainment publisher.

TiVo announced Wednesday that it's hooking up with Entertainment Weekly to automatically record the TV programs highlighted on the publication's recommended viewing list.

Under the partnership, TiVo will record for its subscribers the programs on Entertainment Weekly's "What to Watch" listing. The service is slated to begin this fall.

TiVo subscribers will also be able to download Entertainment Weekly's original programming, such as Just a Minute, Ausiello TV, and Idolatry.

"This partnership creates an exciting new service for our fans, closing the loop between the entertainment choices we spotlight and our audience's ability to connect directly to those entertainment experiences," Scott Donaton, Entertainment Weekly publisher, said in a statement.

For TiVo, the partnership is just the latest it has struck this summer. In July, TiVo announced a deal with Amazon to allow subscribers to purchase products from the online retailing giant off their TV. And last month, TiVo touted plans to allow users to access YouTube videos via their TV.