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TiVo cuts price of Bolt DVR by $100 -- but there's a catch

TiVo has confirmed it's dropping the price of its newest Bolt DVR by $100, but it may not be the best deal for consumers.

TiVo is reducing the price of both models of its Bolt DVR by $100, but the company has also announced it's cutting the free year of service.

The new price confirmed by TiVo is $199 for the 500GB (originally $299) and $299 for the 1TB version (originally $399), and the "updated" version will be denoted by a white retail box instead of a black one.

The TiVo site has yet to show the updated package/price but if customers want to buy the original package, which includes the year of service, it is still on sale at TiVo at the time this was published.

Juan Garzón/CNET

Meanwhile, the new package is available at Best Buy, though it's confusingly listed alongside the old version, as ZatzNotFunny reported.

The TiVo devices will not work correctly without paying for a subscription, and this is currently set at $14.95 per month or the All-In Plan upgrade at $599.99.

If you're a cord-cutter, you may be interested in recent changes to the TiVo Roamio OTA, which now includes a lifetime of service for $399. If you don't need cable capabilities or the latest and greatest smart TV performance, the 1TB Roamio OTA is a better deal.

Updated May 3 2016: The TiVo website now lists the new price for the 500GB and 1TB versions.