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TiVo boosts DVR storage, offers rebate

Digital video recorder service company TiVo announced on Tuesday that it has begun selling Series2 recorders with 80 hours of storage capacity. The San Jose, Calif.-based company is also offering a $50 rebate on all its 80-hour and 60-hour Series2 recorders and on AT&T Broadband 40-hour DVRs. The mail-in rebates from TiVo are available through its retail outlets, Best Buy, Abt Electronics,, Good Guys, Tweeter and Ultimate Electronics.

The rebates are good through Dec. 31. Including the rebates, the 80-hour Series 2 recorder will cost $349, while the 60-hour DVR will be $299. The AT&T 40-hour recorder costs $249. TiVo's DVR service costs $12.95 per month, or $249 for the lifetime of the recorder.