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Titanic on Twitter: Living history one tweet at a time

The Titanic voyage gets the Twitter treatment for its 100-year anniversary. The History Press is live-tweeting a virtual reenactment of the doomed voyage.

Titanic live-tweets on Twitter
I wonder what's going to happen? Don't spoil the ending for me! (Click to enlarge.) Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I'm going to keep an eye on @TitanicRealTime on Twitter on April 15, the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. What will it say? "OMG Titanic going down! TTFN #iceberg," perhaps.

The History Press, a U.K. history publisher, is live-tweeting the first and final voyage of the famous ocean liner. The tweets are already pouring in from the point of view of officers and crew members.

Here's a recent #crew tweet: "The capacity of the lifeboats is somewhat of a concern, only 1,178. If anything were to happen there won't be enough space."

@TitanicRealTime has 18,500 followers who are already learning about the dimensions of the ship, the equipment in the gymnasium, and the locations of the lifebuoys.

The tweets should really start heating up on April 10, the ship's launch date for its maiden voyage. Passengers, band members, and the captain will all be contributing to the first-person perspective.

The History Press notes that the 190 planned tweets are historically accurate and based on reliable research. You just have to suspend your disbelief about the availability of Twitter in 1912.

(Via The Next Web)