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'Titanic DNA Watch' lives up to its name

Made with materials from shipwreck

Romain Jerome

We never saw Titanic, mostly because of Leonardo DiCaprio and that blasted song by Celine Dion. But we'd still be more than happy to wear the "Titanic DNA Watch"--which was designed to commemorate the ship, not the movie--so named because it is made with traces of steel and other materials from the shipwreck.

Gizmodo (which hasn't seen the movie either) notes that coal from the vessel is contained in the lacquer used to paint the watch's black dial. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jermone says the number of timepieces to be released, at a price that remains a mystery for now, will be limited to 2,012--the 100th anniversary of the year that the 1912 disaster took place.