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Titanfall 2's first teaser released; PS4, Xbox One, PC versions confirmed

Check out the first teaser for Titanfall 2 ahead of its full reveal in June.

EA today released the first teaser trailer for Titanfall 2, and announced that a full reveal is coming in two months.

The 49-second video features voiceover discussing the risks of being a hero as a Titan approaches some sort of drop pod bearing the name James MacAllan (a soldier from the first game). We see the Titan shove a huge sword (with "EHR titanium series" written on the side) into the ground as the video ends, cutting to a logo for the game and confirming the name Titanfall 2.

It concludes by showing that the full reveal is coming on June 12, the date of EA's pre-E3 briefing. As expected, the game is coming not just to Xbox One and PC, but PS4 as well.

A release date for the game itself is not mentioned, but we know it's due out by the end of March 2017.

Recent reports have suggested the game will feature a proper single-player campaign, something the original Titanfall--released only on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC--lacked. Its development team is known to be about 30 percent larger than the group that worked on the 2014 original, and there may also be a spinoff TV show in the works.