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Titanfall 2 dev teases multiplayer and network changes

New video series called "Inside Development" will dive deep into the game's development.

Respawn Entertainment has announced a new video series for Titanfall 2 called "Inside Development." As producer Drew McCoy explains in the introduction video below, this will be a series where developers speak directly to fans about the design decisions they made and the reasoning for them.

One of the topics to be discussed in a future video is how Titanfall 2 will handle its servers, as this is changing "a little bit" from 2014's original Titanfall, McCoy said. He also mentioned that fans can expect to hear about some multiplayer and matchmaking changes.

"We're changing a lot of our matchmaking systems so you can find better games quicker," he said. "We've added this awesome new thing called Networks that lets you make groups of friends and play together a lot easier."

Other videos will dive deep into gameplay-focused items such as changes to Titanfall 2's progression system. Overall, players can expect Respawn to discuss the "nitty gritty" of game development with these videos, as opposed to "marketing speak."

"This isn't anything other than actual game developers telling you how we're doing our job," McCoy said. "We learned a lot during Titanfall 1; there's a lot of experience gained there, a lot of lessons learned, and we've been rolling a lot of that into Titanfall 2."

You can submit questions to Respawn for future videos through the developer's social channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There will be a multiplayer beta held before launch, though a start date has not been announced.