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'Tis the season to think gadgets

With the holidays nigh, Creative brings a Windows device onto iPod turf, and Gateway stocks up on digital goodies.

With the holidays nigh, and feasibly frosty, hardware makers heat up their production lines. Potential stocking stuffers include an iPod-like Windows device, a 42-inch plasma TV and Xboxes bundled with free games.

Creative player pans for iPod crowd
Creative Technology is launching a new portable music player with a price tag designed to keep Windows users from dancing with Apple Computer's iPod.
October 14, 2002

Gateway stores to sell digital goodies
The PC maker looks again to home entertainment, as it stocks store shelves with digital cameras and music players, and prepares to release a 42-inch plasma TV.
October 14, 2002

Xbox bundled with games for holidays
Microsoft is bundling two free games with its game console to attract more customers during the holiday season.
October 13, 2002

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Tech toys to tickle the yuppie in you
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