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Tip-top tea, automatically

The Teaspot Automatic Teapot makes it impossible to over-steep your tea leaves.

The Teaspot Automatic Teapot Solutions

A good pot of tea requires just enough steeping to brew a pleasant cup, but not so long that tea leaves turn your drink bitter. It takes perfect timing--and you have to make adjustments for just what kind of tea you're brewing. The Teaspot Automatic Teapot brews tea with perfect timing, and eliminates the need for you to worry about getting tea just right. The process is simple: you add your hot water and tea leaves to the teapot and set the built-in timer for the type of tea you're brewing (black, green, or herbal). When the timed cycle ends, the teapot's infuser rotates up and out of the hot water, ending the steeping process. The cycles run from 3 minutes up to 7 minutes.

The Teaspot Automatic Teapot brews up to 20 ounces of tea at a time, enough for two to three servings. It has a compact design, with a black stoneware exterior. The infuser is stainless steel, while the lid and timer are plastic. Cleanup is easy--and the process eliminates dealing with tea bags or even the tea leaves until you're ready to. You simply rinse out the infuser when you're done. The Teaspot Automatic Teapot is $79.95.