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Tip: Mobile phones for sport

Looking for a phone that is hardy enough for outdoor activities? Read on to find out about phones that won't break the first time you drop them

Every week answers one of our reader's burning questions. This week the question came in via email from Sally Becket. She asks us to recommend a phone that will survive a few knocks and falls, so she can take it running with her.

Mobile phone reviewer Andrew Lim tells her about some of the phones due for release in the next few months, including the Nokia 5500 Sport (pictured), which has a stainless steel and rubber casing, as well as other useful features for sport such as a pedometer, fitness coach and MP3 player.

To read Andrew's full answer go to our Ask the Editors section. Other questions on mobile phones that have recently been answered include how to use two SIM cards in one mobile phone, how to access email on the Motorola Razr V3 and how to get sat-nav on your mobile phone.

You can submit your question by clicking on the link on the Ask the Editors page. -Ingrid Marson