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TinyPic now does great-looking HD video

TinyPic, the social sharing site owned by Photobucket, now supports HD video uploads. This technology may be coming to Photobucket users soon because of that.

A few weeks ago quietly launched support for HD video uploads. I gave it a spin earlier Thursday and the results look great. It supports files up to 200MB in size, which I'm told will get bumped up to 500MB starting next week.

The service's main appeal is that you can quickly upload and share these videos with friends, all without having to register. You can also upload an unlimited number of videos, however each one can only be up to five minutes long in length if it's in HD. SD videos, like most taken on point-and-shoot digital cameras, can be up to 15 minutes, which is five longer than YouTube allows.

Something worth mentioning is that TinyPic (which is owned by Photobucket) often serves as a test bed for upcoming Photobucket features, meaning Photobucket's video player may soon be getting an upgrade. It currently accepts HD video files, but the quality is just a hair below what's offered on TinyPic.

I've embedded my test video below. Here's the same clip on Photobucket for comparison's sake.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

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