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Tiny Planets: Where kids can safely explore space (podcast)

CEO Monica Laurence talks about the new online destination, based on an animated TV series of the same name. The space-centric site, for children ages 6 to 12, takes safety precautions.

This new Web destination for kids is based on an animated TV series of the same name. Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets is a new online destination for children built around the space exploration theme of the eponymous animated TV series.

The Web site, aimed at children ages 6 to 12, features games, videos, social networking, a virtual world, and the ability to purchase virtual goods with real money or points earned from participation.

Pepper's Ghost Productions CEO Monica Laurence Tiny Planets

To prevent cyberbullying and other dangers, kids must select from prewritten phrases to interact. The site doesn't allow free-form text entry. To avoid potentially inappropriate screen names, children select theirs from options provided at sign-up. The site does not collect any personal information from children, according to Monica Laurence, CEO of Tiny Planets.

To find out more about the service, I spoke with Laurence.

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