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Tinke brings wireless health tracking to Android

With its sensors, Tinke users can track four wellness factors -- and do so at rest, when they can measure their true fitness.

Tinke's fitness tracker is now available for Android. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- According to Zensorium, a company showing off its wellness sensor at CES on Sunday, the best time to track fitness is when you're at rest and your body isn't keyed up.

With its Tinke sensor device, which is available for both Android and iOS, users can keep constant track of their respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

Although Tinke has been available for iOS for a couple of years, the sensor for Android is new. And, while the iOS version plugs into an iPhone or iPad, the Android version connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. The iOS version costs $119, while the Android version runs $129.

Tinke is activated by touch -- users hold their fingers on the device for 30 seconds -- and it quickly measures the four health metrics. The company says that it is best used every day, in order to keep steady track of health progress. It also says that the best time to do the measuring is in the morning, prior to any exercise. That's also one of its key differentiators, the company said: Many health trackers are meant to be used during exercise. But Tinke was designed to be used to track how someone is doing over time, not just when they're working out.

The device syncs data to the mobile app, allowing users to see how they're doing and to track their personal progress over time. It also provides health baselines so that users can see how they should be doing, fitness-wise.

For now, Tinke does not integrate with any other health devices or apps, but the company said it is looking into such integration in the future.