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Ting signs Samsung Galaxy S5 to its roster

The Sprint reseller is the first mobile virtual network operator to offer Samsung's flagship smartphone.

Ting calls up Samsung's latest ahead of rivals. Ting

Sprint reseller Ting announced that it's the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

Beating larger players Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile to market, Ting expects to ship the flagship phone on May 5. What's more, the off-contract provider will sell the device for $597, roughly $50 less than other carriers. For those wondering, both Virgin and Boost expect to carry the Galaxy S5 in the second quarter.

Ting lets users pick and choose their rate plans based on specific needs. Customers can select packages from three categories: minutes, messages, and data. Recently, Ting shaved pricing on data plans, making them more affordable to all.

Those interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S5 through Ting can pre-order the smartphone today.

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