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Tinder mercies: Now you don't need a phone to swipe right

Tinder Online will let people meet their swiping quota even if they don't have access to their phone.

Dating app icons for Tinder, Bumble, League, Zoosk, OKCupid, Hinge

Yes, you can play the field among dating apps.

James Martin/CNET

Good news for that one guy who uses a computer more than a phone: You too can swipe right!

Tinder Online is bringing the swiping experience to people who don't have phones or can't use them. According to the company, the big reason is accessibility. While Tinder Online will be slightly more limited in its feature offerings, it will be available anywhere with Wi-Fi, since not everywhere in the world has access to 4G. That means Tinder could be setting its sights on a more international audience of dating hopefuls, as it's already testing the service in countries in South America, Europe and Asia.

The other audience Tinder hopes to reach is users stuck in workplaces or classrooms where they can't use their phone. That means your days of secret swiping under your desk might be over. Instead you can just switch tabs when your boss or professor walks over.

Tinder did not immediately respond to request for comment.