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Timeline: Tech and 'The Sopranos'

As HBO's iconic series comes to a close, a look at its biggest moments, and coinciding events in the technology world.

On June 10, The Sopranos will end after 86 incredibly successful episodes. It's no exaggeration to say that the show helped make HBO a leader in original content, and many consider it the best show in TV history. Here's a look at some of the show's most important moments alongside notable technology world events that took place around the time the related episodes' first aired:

Tony Soprano

Episode 1, January 10, 1999: The Sopranos premieres, Tony Soprano visits Dr. Melfi for the first time.
Tech world, January, 12, 1999: Just days after setting new highs, Internet stocks take a beating, presaging the dot-com crash of the next year.

Episode 13, April 4, 1999: Tony is informed by the FBI that his mother and uncle were behind an assassination attempt on him.
Tech world, February 2, 1999: The person considered the main suspect behind the hugely damaging Melissa virus is arrested.

Jobs in 2001
Steve Jobs, 2001

Episode 18, February 13, 2000: Now firmly ensconced as boss of the family, Tony promotes Silvio Dante to consigliere and Paulie Walnuts to captain.
Tech world, February 2, 2000: Microsoft head Bill Gates unveils Windows 2000.

Episode 30, March 18, 2001: Tony's psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi, is raped, and she fantasizes about having Tony kill her attacker.
Tech world, March 21, 2001: Apple unveils OS X.

Episode 40, September 15, 2002: Christopher Moltisanti's girlfriend, Adriana La Cerva, learns her friend is an undercover FBI agent.
Tech world, September, 13, 2002: Researchers report discovering the first instance of the "smiley."


Episode 54, March 14, 2004: New York boss Carmine Lupertazzi dies, setting off a power struggle between the New York and New Jersey families that will play out the rest of the series.
Tech world, March 9, 2004: Yahoo adds local content to its online mapping service.

Episode 64, May 23, 2004: Silvio kills Adriana after Christopher tells Tony that she tried to get him to be a government informant.
Tech world, May 18, 2004: A group of Silicon Valley tech execs announce their support for George Bush's re-election.

Episode 66, March 12, 2006: Phil Leotardo is named acting boss of the Lupertazzi family, and Junior Soprano shoots Tony, sending him into a coma.
Tech world, March 1, 2006: Hackers play a using a modified Roomba vacuum cleaner on the streets of Austin, Texas.

roomba frog
Roomba frog

Episode 68, March 26, 2006: Christopher extorts his former AA sponsor, J.T. Dolan, to write "Cleaver," a slasher/mob movie.
Tech world, March 28, 2006: Apple Computer turns 30.

Episode 83, May 13, 2007: Tony suffocates Christopher after the two have a car accident; Tony is angry at Christopher for resuming his drug and alcohol use.
Tech world, May 9, 2007: A House panel approves legislation mandating e-voting paper trails for all voters by the next presidential election.

Episode 85, June 3, 2007: In the penultimate episode, Phil Leotardo's Lupertazzi family begins a war against Tony and his crew, killing his No. 3, Bobby Bacala, and gravely wounding Silvio.
Tech world, May 29, 2007: Google Maps unveils its Street View service, showing street-level photographs in several American cities.