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Time Warner surfs in Hawaii

The cable giant will announce tomorrow plans to bring its RoadRunner high-speed Net access service to Oahu.

Residents and vacationing executives in Oahu, Hawaii, soon will have high-speed access to the Net.

Time Warner today announced an online news and entertainment service, dubbed Road Runner, for Oahu. The new service will launch later this year in partnership with Microsoft and Digital Equipment.

It is only the latest example of the expansion by cable TV operators into the Net access market as they race to stake their claims in as many regions as possible.

As previously reported by CNET's NEWS.COM, Road Runner for Oahu will launch on Oceanic Cable during the fourth quarter. Oceanic will use a customized version of the Internet Explorer browser and the Microsoft Commercial Internet System, a suite of server software targeted at commercial service providers, according to the companies.

The Oceanic Division of Time Warner Cable is one of the cable company's larger operations reaching 332,000 homes on the island of Oahu. Don Carroll, Division President of Oceanic Cable, indicated that the introduction of Road Runner will be phased-in as quickly as possible over a three-month period. "Adding the Road Runner service to our existing businesses is an important part of the Oceanic vision," he said. "We have been serving Hawaii for thirty years. Our employees live in every community. We will use Road Runner to move our communities forward."

Digital will provide the planning, design, and system integration as well as the server platform.

Road Runner already offers service in several cities, including San Diego, California; Akron, Ohio; Corning, New York; Columbus, Ohio; and Tampa Bay, Florida.