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Time Warner expands 'Start Over' availability

Don't you hate it when you get home late from work and you realize you've missed the first 15 minutes of your favorite show? If you're a Time Warner digital video subscriber, those worries could be a thing of the past.

On Wednesday the company said its Start Over feature for digital cable customers will be available in Greensboro, NC, Rochester, NY and San Antonio, TX this summer. Start Over allows customers to jump to the beginning of a program in progress without any preplanning or in-home recording devices.

Unlike the digital video recorder or DVR service, which requires a special box and fee of around $12 or $13 per month, the Start Over feature is free to all digital TV subscribers. Time Warner has been testing Start Over since November with customers in South Carolina. It expects to launch the feature in another three to four markets later this year, the company said.