Time Warner Cable promises major upgrade to Android app

The updated application supports live-streaming and offers over 4,000 movies and television shows for in-home viewing.

Time Warner Cable

Android users who employ the TWC TV application will soon have far more functionality available to them.

Time Warner Cable announced on Tuesday that the upgrade to its Android application will deliver access to more than 4,000 On Demand TV shows and movies. The app will also allow for out-of-home access to some On Demand programming and live TV viewing over a Wi-Fi connection. Time Warner Cable says mobile users will have access to over 1,100 On Demand shows and movies and live television from "a dozen or so" news, sports, and entertainment channels.

Time Warner Cable, like other television providers, has been making a play for the mobile space by offering access to its programming through smartphones and tablets. This latest update, which works on Android devices running Android 2.2 or higher, is the next step in that. However, in order to access the larger number of On Demand programming, users must be in their homes and connected to a Time Warner Cable Internet connection.

Time Warner Cable hopes to have the update available in the Google Play marketplace on Tuesday. In addition to the major programming upgrade, the app will come with improvements to its TV guide.