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Time Warner Cable Adds New Services

Time Warner Cable has added a number of new features to its Full Service Network in Orlando, Florida.

The Full Service Network is a digital, interactive television network that offers a navigation system, movies on demand, interactive shopping, multiplayer video games, and an interactive program guide. The new services include NFL on Demand, the News Exchange, the GoTV planning guide, a home banking service, and Pizza Hut pizza on demand.

FSN has also added Bombay Company, Book-of-the-Month Club, and the Horchow Collection to its home shopping offerings, and a maze-based action game to its PlayWay games collection.

The design for the Full Service Network is being hammered out in Orlando prior to a national rollout. The grand plan is to integrate cable, computer, and telephone technologies to provide interactive television, telephony, and online computer services. With this in mind, Time Warner Cable began market-testing a high-speed online service for PCs at its facility in Elmira, New York, earlier this year.