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Time two at once

With the Double Timer, it's easy to track the time left on two dishes at once.

The Double Kitchen Timer Uncommon Goods

When I'm making dinner, I typically have a couple of different dishes cooking--each with a precise amount of time it needs to spend on the stove or in the oven. I usually set a timer for each dish, which previously has translated into multiple timers cluttering my workspace. But the Double Timer allows me to track two different times, which lets me easily handle most meals. The timer has a retro design, available in both mint and red metals, which looks great on my counter. It can easily be wiped down if the kitchen gets a little messy. The Double Kitchen Timer stands upright, measuring 3.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide. It's easy to set: just twist the appropriate side of the timer for up to 55 minutes. The timer counts down minutes with analog ticks, rather than a digital counter.

The Double Kitchen Timer does have a drawback if you're typically timing dishes that take longer than an hour to cook. But if you're just looking for a timer to help you with separate times for a pot of pasta and a sauce, this timer can be an ideal fit. It's priced at $18.