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Time to break up the carriers

A reader writes: Break up the incumbent telecom carriers and let market forces determine pricing.


    Time to break up the carriers

    In response to the May 15 Perspectives column by Yale Braunstein, "A vote on avoiding tech disaster":

    I don't see how CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) or any other government agency is going to be able to "find prices that approximate those that would exist in a competitive market."

    Some states (Pennsylvania is one I believe) are looking into separating the businesses of supplying the infrastructure from that of selling and caring for the service. Government oversight will still be necessary, but only to ensure that preferential treatment is not given to the recently separated incumbent carrier. This seems like a much more rational and workable approach than constantly tweaking the pricing based on who-knows-what data. Break up the incumbent carriers and let market forces determine pricing.

    Carlos Salazar
    Ellicott City, Md.



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