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Time-lapse video depicts Flight 1549's days in icy Hudson

A video shot by artist David Martin depicts the fallen Airbus A320 submerged in the icy waters of the Hudson River for days before being lifted out and placed on a barge.

Over on Laughing Squid this afternoon, a headline and an eerie still-frame photo caught my eye and reeled me in to one of the most captivating videos I've seen online: Time-lapse footage of US Airways Flight 1549 submerged in the icy waters of the Hudson River, awaiting the barges and cranes that would eventually lift it up and take it away.

The video, shot by David Martin is, as Todd Lappin wrote on Laughing Squid, "haunting." It's also amazing and beautiful.

Exclusive unseen video footage of the "Miracle on the Hudson," flight 1549 in New York City from David Martin on Vimeo.

More than enough has been said about what happened to that flight and about the heroism of its pilot, Chesley Sullenberger. But perhaps not enough attention has been paid to the fact that that poor airplane, its engines blown to smithereens by Canada geese and its dignity bruised by a belly-flop landing in the river, had to lie, submerged, in the Hudson for days.

As Lappin put it, "Can someone please get that jet a cup of hot cocoa?!"

The fuselage of the now-famous Airbus A320 that was US Airways Flight 1549, which crash-landed in the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of Canada geese just after takeoff from New York's La Guardia airport a year ago. The airplane is up for auction. Chartis

Meanwhile, the Airbus A320 itself--is now up for auction. If you've got a few spare dollars lying around and the space to put a huge artifact of aviation history, maybe this is for you.

If not, just enjoy watching the video and remember that this was all going on right along the riverfront of an American city just last year.

Correction at 8:55 p.m. PST: This story initially misidentified the author of the Laughing Squid post.