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Time-lapse vid shows Qbo robot assembly

It takes this engineer just less than three hours to put together Qbo, the bot that can recognize itself in a mirror.

Some assembly required: Qbo will apparently ship in prebuilt and disassembled varieties. TheCorpora

The boffins at robotics startup TheCorpora have released a video showing how long it takes to assemble their charming little droid Qbo.

The bot recently entertained us with vids in which it recognized itself in a mirror, and then recognized Jane234, the female of the species.

Powered by an open-source Linux platform, Qbo is designed to be a communications robot that's part of our everyday environment. It lacks arms and legs, but makes up for limitations on physical interactivity with its charm. It's also fun to dress up.

As described by the startup, which is led by Francisco Paz, the components in Qbo include five open-source hardware boards designed in-house; EMG-30 motors; SRF10 ultrasonic sensors; an LCD screen; a hard drive; and a PC motherboard.

Starting with just the frame, the engineer in the vid below gets to work assembling a Qbo with the casters, loudspeakers, cables, and other components.

He finishes the job in just less than three hours. I'd probably have to multiply that by a factor of 10 to put together a Qbo. I've only built one robot in my time and it took more than 20 hours.

TheCorpora hasn't set a release date yet, but recently wrote: "After several years of hard work, thousands of problems solved and some others still to be solved, Qbo is finally about to see the light."

We'll be waiting with bated breath.