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Timberlake to turn MySpace into online 'Idol'?

Justin Timberlake's manager says that now that the star is one of the new owners of MySpace, the site will be used to develop new talent. The new owners will hold a press conference August 17 to announce their plans.

For those who live for seeing someone rise from obscurity to reach the heights of temporary fame, seeing "American Idol" once a year just isn't enough.

In any case, it's only on two nights a week. What are you supposed to do with the other five? Pray that Simon Cowell's new show "The X Factor" will somehow be entertaining?

It seems that Justin Timberlake, he who is one of the new purchasers of MySpace, is at one with human feelings.

For, according to the Associated Press, Timberlake's manager, Johnny Smith, said after the purchase that, though the specific format still needs to be worked out, using MySpace as a vehicle for new talent is very much in the plans of Timberlake and Specific Media, the new purchasers.

Timberlake is so cool that he plays golf (very well). CC Jurvetson/Flickr

"Whether it becomes a talent competition or something like that, those are things that we will still flesh out. We definitely want to bring the industry back to MySpace to really look at the talented people that have put their faces there."

This seems like an excellent idea. It seems that half the world now spends its days sitting at desks wearing headphones. They could very easily be sitting in instantaneous judgment over new performers for at least three hours of each of those days.

Perhaps each day of the week could have its own genre. To snap the world into renewed focus, Monday could be rock 'n' roll day, while Wednesday, the so-called hump day, would be a prime candidate for a little R&B.

Saturday, the night that's alright for fighting, would surely be punk day.

Another fine element of this MySpace notion is that Timberlake, unlike some of, say, the "American Idol" judges, is possessed of considerable taste. We might actually see acts that are truly progressive, rather than the strange MAD magazine-cover country figure, Scotty McCreery, who won this year's "Idol."

The new owners say they will hold a press conference on August 17 to announce their plans. After this announcement, office life might experience a radical new musical dawn.