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Tim Cook

Tim Cook has had some ups and downs in his first full year as Apple CEO, and where he takes the company from here is up in the air. One thing is for sure; there are few CEOs under as much public scrutiny.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook James Martin/CNET

For a job with more scrutiny than many in the public eye, look no further than Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs as the chief executive at Apple last August.

On the plus side, Cook's first full year on the job was marked with prosperity. During Apple's fiscal year, the company sold more than 125 million iPhones, just over 58 million iPads, and raked in $41.66 billion in pure profit. Apple's stock also reached an all-time high, and the company pushed out a dividend to investors for the first time.

With that said, there are still concerns that Cook, who has been known only for his operations talent, is now steering Apple's product direction. In interviews since taking on the job, Cook has tried to assuage those fears by highlighting the company's executive team and startup-style culture. But where he and his team take the company next will be telling.

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