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Tiltviewer turns your photos into eye candy

Turn your galleries into something engaging with a technology that takes your photos and places them on a dynamic 3D--without requiring a browser plug-in.

TiltViewer turns your photos into a visually engaging experience. CNET Networks

Got a photo gallery you want to spice up? Check out TiltViewer. Like CoolIris' PicLens, it takes your photos and places them on a dynamic 3D wall that can be zoomed around with your mouse. Clicking any thumbnail will scale it up as big as your browser window is, and you can flip any shot to view the metadata--complete with customizable links that go towards that photo's sale page, or to download links.

The big difference between the PicLens and TiltViewer is that the latter doesn't require the viewer to have any sort of browser plug-in installed to see your shots, although setting it up on your page requires installing a small bit of code and linking it up with files you have hosted elsewhere.

To demonstrate the technology, there's a test page with the entire "explore" section of Flickr set up here. The tool is completely free, although leaves a small watermark on all your shots. A slightly more configurable pro version that's watermark-free runs at $45. Airtight Interactive, the makers of TiltViewer, also make a handful of other neat, or otherwise visually engaging Flash tools. You can check out the entire gallery of them here.

[via DownloadSquad]