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Tikker watch displays constant countdown to your death

The Tikker wristwatch on Kickstarter aims to be a constant reminder of how much time you have left in life.

Tikker watch
Tikker counts down to when your ticker gives out. Tikker

You're about to lose your temper over a tech support call that's dragging on when you look down at your wrist and see a reminder of your mortality. Maybe you should spend your limited time feeling happy, rather than pissed off, you think. This little wake-up call comes courtesy of Tikker, a watch that counts down to your death.

The Kickstarter watch is supposed to help you keep things in perspective. That twit who just cut you off in traffic isn't worth chasing down and flipping off because you only have 32 precious years left, and you really should do something more positive and productive instead.

Tikker could have the opposite effect in certain situations, though. For example, you're waiting in line at DisneyWorld as your day slowly slips away. You might snap and start yelling, "Hurry up! I've only have 32 years, 12 hours, and 43 minutes to live!"

The watch itself is very plain-looking. Setting up the Tikker involves answering a questionnaire and then subtracting your current age from the results. You then set the clock to count down the rest of your life. It also keeps track of local time, but the death countdown gets top billing.

The Tikker is going for a $39 pledge. Naturally, it comes in grim-reaper-black. If you want a more colorful expression of the watch, you'll have to move way up to the $1,000 pledge level for a custom color. I imagine it would be cheerier to count down your life with a hot pink or sunny yellow watch. Come on, life is short. Just spend the money.