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Tidal offers three months of music for a buck

Following a similar promotion from competitor Spotify, Jay-Z's music streaming service is offering trial memberships for 99 cents.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Streaming music service Tidal has a new three-month membership promotion for new customers, for 99 cents for the Premium tier, or $1.99 for the, er, more premium HiFi tier.

Tidal's promotion runs from Wednesday until Jan. 2 and it will revert to $9.99 a month for premium and $19.99 a month for HiFi. 

Like its main competitor Spotify, Tidal's Premium tier is a 320kbps stream, while the HiFi tier offers both lossless FLAC and hi-res MQA.

The deal comes in the wake of a similar offer from Spotify that gives you 3 months for 99 cents, which expires on Dec. 31. Apple Music still offers a free 3-month membership for new subscribers.

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