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Tidal is singing our song: Get 5 months of music streaming for just $5

You can save $95 or more depending upon which Tidal plan you choose.

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Tidal has exclusive music content and offers first dibs on concert tickets. 


You know you're intrigued by Tidal. But unlike Spotify, you can't really kick its tires very easily, since there's no free version of the service to log into. But still, it's tempting. Tidal wants to be the go-to music service for audiophiles, for example, with a lossless hi-fi audio stream if you subscribe to the higher-cost premium service. You also get access to exclusive music content, and first dibs on some concert tickets. Well, wonder from afar no longer. For a limited time, you can sign up for a five-month trial of any Tidal music plan for just $5.

That's a dollar a month, regardless of whether you want the premium $10 per month plan or the hi-fi plan that's usually $20 per month -- or even the $30 family plan, which lets up to six people stream on a single account. This offer is only good for first-time subscribers, and go you can sign up anytime between now and Jan. 15.

For just a dollar a month, this deal is simply too good to pass up, especially if you want to do your own A/B testing between Spotify and Tidal. You may find that Tidal is missing a few tracks you can find on Spotify -- especially if you're into indie music -- and you might prefer the Spotify mobile app to Tidal. For more details check out CNET's comparison of the major music services including Tidal

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