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Ticketmaster, Evite strike deal

In an agreement to be announced tomorrow, Ticketmaster-Online CitySearch will name as its online event planner throughout its network of city guides.

Ticketmaster-Online CitySearch tomorrow will announce a deal to promote throughout its network of city guides.

With the partnership, Evite's online event planning service will be featured on 10 city sites. Users will be able to plan group gatherings by clicking on links to placed throughout CitySearch's movie, theater, restaurant and concert listings. CitySearch will also let users purchase tickets via Ticketmaster links in pages.

Executives from both companies said the deal is a natural progression for their respective businesses.

Online event planners have begun springing up in recent months, sparked by interest among venture capitalists and users alike.

In November, secured a $30 million round of venture capital financing from firms including August Capital and Staenberg Venture Partners.

Rivals and eParties have also attracted attention from Web veterans, such as former Netscape vice president Jennifer Bailey and former Disney Internet chief Jake Winebaum, respectively.

And just a few weeks ago, online music destination acquired for $150.2 million in hopes of adding Web-based event management to its service offerings.