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TIBCO gets a little open source religion

TIBCO is releasing its PageBus code under a BSD license, toe-dipping into the open source community. It's a good start, and offers good technology.

TIBCO just released its PageBus publish-and-subscribe message bus as open source. And no wonder: the company is under assault from open source projects/vendors like MuleSource (whose EVP of Sales used to work for TIBCO - funny these Oedipal complexes we have in the open source world :-), Talend, etc.

PageBus goes hand-in-hand with the OpenAjax Alliance work that TIBCO has done. It's a good start for TIBCO, though shows that it's still guarding its crown jewels. Give it time. In the meantime, here's what PageBus does:

How PageBus works TIBCO
PageBus is an open source publish-and-subscribe message bus implemented in JavaScript. Since it's in a JavaScript file, its context is an HTML page. One of [TIBCO]'s key points is that "Message busses are very good at solving the complexity problem in using composite components. Using a publish/subscribe architecture becomes a much more manageable way; it helps to enforce good development practice, modularizing in testable units." With PageBus, programming complex mashups is a matter of simple API calls to the message bus. It handles the connection management.

What does this mean? It means that PageBus can help developers simplify AJAX development. Developers can focus on publish-and-subscribe APIs rather than point-to-point integrations between components. Mashing up, in short, becomes much easier.

PageBus is licensed under a BSD license.