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TiaLinx's Owl can detect people in containers

The Owl1-A uses an ultrawide band radio frequency beam to detect people hiding in containers. Will it find the rats, too?

The Owl1-A can detect even the slightest motion. Coffee mug not included. TiaLinx

Smugglers sometimes use freight containers to get people into foreign countries. TiaLinx has a new radio frequency detection system that penetrate the stuctures' steel walls and "hear" even the slightest breath.

The California-based defense contractor keeps churning out UAVs and robots that can detect breathing targets, and its Owl1-A system can be deployed on cargo cranes that load and unload containers.

The Owl uses very sensitive ultrawide band radio frequency beams that penetrate walls and reflect off human bodies. An integrated digital signal processor gets the data and results are displayed on the operator's laptop.

TiaLinx says the system can be used for air, sea, and land shipping, and may reduce the need for large, expensive X-ray scanners. The scanner is light enough for handheld use, the company says.

It might also be great in a game of hide-and-seek.