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Thunderbolt to strike Windows PCs in 2012

Intel's high-speed communications protocol, is coming to Acer and Asus machines next year.

Thunderbolt, Intel's high-speed communications protocol, is coming to Windows PCs in 2012.

Acer and Asus should bring out Windows devices--including Ultrabooks--that support the high-speed interconnect technology next year, Mooly Eden, Intel's general manager of PC client devices, told attendees at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco today.

Thunderbolt is a technology developed by Intel under the code name Light Peak that allows for the dual bi-directional transfer of data over copper cable at 10Gbps per channel. Thunderbolt was announced in February and first appeared in Apple's MacBook Pros.

Eden demonstrated a Windows PC connecting to a set of Intel SSDs via Thunderbolt. This allowed it to concurrently stream four uncompressed videos at around 700MBps.

This article originally appeared on ZDNet UK.