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Thumbs up for the PESWIAKJC

AAMP of America releases the PESWIAKJC steering wheel interface

CNET Networks

Most new cars come with steering-wheel-mounted buttons to let you control the stereo with just a push of the thumb. But what if you want to replace your factory-installed stereo with a more substantial aftermarket audio system? Usually that has meant that your steering wheel buttons get relegated to the status of mere ornaments. Not any more. AAMP of America's Peripheral Electronics division has devised a steering wheel interface that lets you retain the use of your steering wheel buttons even if you switch out the car's original stereo.

AAMP of America

The Croatian-sounding PESWIAKJC is compatible with Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, and Clarion car stereos (PESWIAKJC actually stands for Peripheral Electronics Steering Wheel Interface for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, and Clarion) and can be used with models from most of the major automakers. It's on sale now for about $90.