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Thumbplay launches full-service digital music store

Mobile-entertainment content site turns on MP3 store with more than 1.5 million songs from major labels

Thumplay, a Web site dedicated to your every mobile entertainment desire, announced Tuesday the official launch of a direct-to-mobile (or computer if you choose) MP3 download site. Tracks are 99 cents each or you can pay $9.99 a month for 10 credits with each credit good for one track. Or they can be used for other content on the site.

In general, I don't get too excited about the world having yet another music download site, but since Thumbplay is open to more than just one carrier, works with a ton of mobile devices (basically anything with a data plan), and you're not forced to pay higher per-track prices or a monthly service fee if you don't want to, it deserves a spot in this crowded space.

Besides, from the looks of the catalog (current major labels include Universal Music Group and EMI Music) it seems geared toward getting that one single you heard on the radio and can't get out of your head. An "I must own it now" kind of scenario. Of course since they are MP3s free of DRM you can play them on a ridiculous number of devices as well, not just phones.