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Throw me a bone, Cingular

Cingular's Samsung Sync isn't immediately usable with the carrier's new music service.

CNET Networks

After telling you about Cingular Music two weeks ago, I was very excited to try it out. So when the new Samsung Sync (a.k.a. the SGH-A707) showed up in my mailbox, I jumped at the chance to give the service a thorough shakedown. But after pulling the phone from its wrapping, I noticed there wasn't a USB cable in the box. Considering the cable is necessary to use Cingular Music (wireless downloads aren't a possibility yet), and that the Sync is the launch handset for the service, I thought it might be a mistake. Yet a quick look at the user's manual told me that both the USB cable and a MicroSD card (also a requirement for the music service) are sold separately.

Uh, what? That's just cheap, in my opinion, let alone being not user-friendly. Cingular could give us at least one of those items when we purchase the Sync, even if they charged a few dollars more. And because the Sync uses a non-standard USB connection, the cable may not be available at your average Radio Shack. So while I'm still eager to try Cingular Music, my excitement has waned just a bit.