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Thriller turns 25

Thriller turns 25

MJ's back in the high life again.

Just when you though it was safe to walk around the graveyard at night, Michael Jackson's Thriller is back to remind us that's not such a good idea. It's about time we reflect on MJ's music (not his personal life) and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the biggest selling album of all time. Legacy Recordings just reissued the CD with shiny new packaging, a bonus DVD, and previously unreleased tracks, such as remixes by and/or with Kanye West,, Fergie, and Akon.

And to add to the big event, is presenting "Thrillercast," a year-long podcast series featuring music icons and celebrities. These intimate interviews take you behind the scenes of Thriller and how MJ influenced their lives. The first episode is now available (today) and features Darryl Daniels from Run-D.M.C.

Listen to the new Thriller remixes

Listen to ThrillerCast Episode 1 with Darryl DMC Daniels