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Three XCOM 2 expansions announced, detailed

The strategy game is getting a heap of DLC through summer 2016; see all of the new content here.

2K Games has detailed XCOM 2's Digital Deluxe Edition and Reinforcement Pack expansion pass.

The Digital Deluxe Edition goes for $75 and comes with the game's soundtrack and the Reinforcement Pack, which itself contains three expansion packs. The content and release windows for these expansions are listed below, with descriptions courtesy of 2K Games.

2K Games

XCOM 2 Reinforcement Pack content

  • Anarchy's Children: Featuring rebellion-themed content with more dramatic soldier customizations (releasing spring 2016).
  • Alien Hunters: Introducing new gameplay surrounding XCOM as an elite alien hunting unit tracking down "Ruler" aliens, along with a new mission, soldier customization options, and more powerful weapons and armor (releasing summer 2016).
  • Shen's Last Gift: Offering a brand-new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons, armor and customization features, as well as an additional narrative-driven mission and map (releasing summer 2016).

The Reinforcement Pack will also be available to buy separately for $20. Given that the base game sells for $60, the Digital Deluxe Edition will save you $5.

2K Games has also announced that everyone who preorders XCOM 2 or the Digital Deluxe Edition will get the Resistance Warrior Pack. This comes with new soldier customization options such as outfits, headgear, and "facial war paint." It also features a new recruit character called "Survivor of the Old War."

GameSpot recently played a chunk of XCOM 2 -- you can read our hands-on impressions here or check out the video above to learn more.

XCOM 2 was announced back in June and is slated to arrive only on PC when it launches in February 2016. It's possible the game will come to consoles sometime down the road, but this has not been decided.

The sequel "transports players 20 years into the future, where humanity lost the war against the alien threat that has established a new world order."