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Three-wheeled boat is for us

The lazy man's way to aquatic recreation


Boating enthusiasts, like people in general, come in all types. Some crave speed, others want strength--and then there are those like us, who would just as soon have a boat that drove itself, out of sheer laziness.

That's why we think the "Sealegs" sounds like the perfect seagoing vehicle. Although it's described as "the world's most advanced amphibian," Gizmag says the inflatable boat is just as notable for its ease of use: "The Sealegs takes the entire process of launching and docking a boat out of the equation--just get in, drive into the water and reverse the process at the other end." Beautiful.

The trick to this ingenious watercraft is a retractble three-wheel system that allows you to drive it first on land and then right into the water with barely a ripple. One problem: They're apparently back-ordered for 12 months, even at the considerable price of $20,000. Good thing we know where to score a motorized bumper boat instead.