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Three things holding back 3D



Three things holding back 3D

In response to the May 9 Soapbox column by Jeffrey Luber, "Web-enabled 3D: The Net's changing face":

For many years, I've heard these requirements for 3D to succeed. When I started using the Internet in 1990, I figured one day, many people would be hooked on their own personal virtual-reality places.

Then came the Web and we still aren't there. There are three reasons:

• Current VRs are made for youngsters with spots (no offense), not my grandma or my neighbor. Once it gets transparent for the masses--like television--we might be off.

• People change slower than technology can develop. It might take another decade or two.

• Content, content, content. Most VRs suck because the creators put all the energy in photorealism, instead of thinking, What are we building for whom?

South Korea is showing the way. If Ultima and Sony aim at other audiences, things might go faster.

Lennert Stock
Haarlem, Netherlands