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Three take to intranet tango

Tower Technology, Staffware, and Digital Equipment announce a deal to provide documents and workflow capabilities via the Internet.

Tower Technology, Staffware, and Digital Equipment have announced a deal to provide documents and workflow capabilities through the Internet.

The troika will combine Tower's wide area imaging capabilities, Staffware's workflow technology, and Digital's AlphaServer hardware, firewall software, tunneling, and Web site configuration technology for secure access to corporate information via the Web.

The insurance industry is the first of several vertical markets in which the three partners will offer turnkey imaging and workflow applications that work with legacy computer systems.

Tower/Acclaim, an insurance claims and policy management application, became available July 24. Products for medical records, electronic commerce and federal and state government will be released in the next six weeks.

Digital's firewall technology protects a company's private network from outside intrusion and its tunneling capabilities protect information passed between two private networks via the Internet.

Staffware provides a Web-enabled workflow engine designed for use across multiple locations and in multiserver enterprises. Its transaction processing capabilities are marketed to large, high-volume enterprises in insurance, banking, government, health care, education, telecommunications, utilities, and manufacturing.

Staffware Workflow for the World Wide Web (W4) will provide access to Staffware workflow applications from any Java-supported client. Workflow applications, such as an insurance claim, can be initiated from any Internet site.